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This year with AVImark we unveiled our new Cloud based speech dictation system. Dozens of veterinarians have signed up and are using this system with amazing results. If we had to say one reason why?  Flexibility! 

  • Easy to use with our rapid on boarding & coaching session - You will be dictating in 1 hr
  • Easy payment - no large up front costs means you get to pay as you go, while saving time and money daily!
  • Use a variety of microphone options such as the industry standard PowerMic, USB headsets to the wildly popular FREE iPhone mic app
  • Experienced support staff available via Phone, Chat or email to help you along the way!

Not sure if it is for you? Contact us for a 15 minute live demonstration or trial.


and gives veterinarians the ability to create better documentation in less time! Our clients will tell you they save 1 to 2 hours per day when compared to typing or hand writing notes. Speech recognition software also enhances your PM system. The #1 complaint from veterinarians attempting to go paper light is the lost productivity and extra time it takes to complete medical records. Speech recognition will greatly cut down the time it takes to create thorough and complete medical notes. 

We provide a supplemental veterinarian vocabulary of over 9000 words. Plus custom navigation commands for several practice software to make this truly an exceptional way to improve your practice's efficiency. 

Let us show you how to streamline and improve your workflow. We have many satisfied veterinarians who will confer how we significantly helped their practice. Contact us today for a live demonstration.

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AVImark users - save over $400.00 today. Click here for more details. 

Take less than 5 minutes and watch the video above. We can create this same note in less than 90 seconds compared to typing which takes 6 to 8 minutes.

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