Veterinarians ask, Why Speech Recognition?

Because there is no better method that is tried and proven that allows veterinarians to save 50% to 70% of their time when documenting their patient notes.

Veterinarians are adopting electronic records today as is any modern Medical Practitioner. Modernization, sharing of information, data resourcing are are all reasons practices must move towards electronic patient records. Like all data systems, the information is only as good as the data entered. 

For many modern Veterinarians, each day has become busier and busier not leaving any idle time for typing patient notes. Ask any Veterinarian, typing is not the most effective uses of their time. As a result several things happen:

  • Veterinarians are losing valuable time that should be spent proving better patient care
  • Due to time constraints, documentation is lacking leaving Veterinarians vulnerable to liability or disciplinary action.
  • Practice work flows can be impacted negatively, effected resulting in lower efficiency and revenues.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 with  TalkingVet's supplemental vocabulary make speech recognition the best method today to increase productivity and provide better care. Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 in the industry leading solution used by over 250,000 practitioners today. Medical Technology Insight with their TalkingVet package have added thousands of Vet specific terms and phrases resulting in a rapid ROI that begins the day you go live.

We are the premier partner with over 100 satisfied practices using Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 with Talkingvet for veterinary use! We ensure rapid adaptation and use of these products ensuring you will feel comfortable your first day. We have many successful implementations with practice management software such as:

  • AVImark
  • IDEXX Cornerstone
  • ImproMed
  • VIA
  • Clientrax

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