Today's veterinarian practices require fast & accurate documentation that allow practitioners the workflow to do what they became veterinarians for... PRACTICE MEDICINE!

We all hear about the goal of creating a paper less or paper light environment yet the very nature of digital record keeping creates time constraints by requiring diligent data entry. These constraints can become very problematic. Practices find themselves bogged down with hand written or typed notes. Hiring additional staff to become scribes can hamper the bottom line. 

Speech automation and dictation, while a robust technology is hardly new. Reports place Human Healthcare Practitioners usage levels at approximately 65 - 75 percent. Veterinarian Medical Practitioner usage is estimated at below 5%. Why? Perhaps it is because human healthcare have forced early adoption of digital records due to multiple reasons. Insurance, stringent privacy laws, medicare, medicaid and other regulatory considerations all require digital records. 

Nerveless, as veterinarians adopt electronic records the workflow burden becomes the same. Times studies have always confirmed, speech and dictation can increase inefficiencies by 50 to 70 percent. It is not uncommon to hear a users of these technologies boldly state they save 1 - 2 hours per day!

We offer the industries best solutions and best practices. Our services provide the on boarding and rapid support for an immediate ROI. Our customers also enjoy custom commands packages for industry software like AVImark and VIA. 

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 gives Physicians the flexibility to create better documentation in less time and for less cost over traditional dictation services in typically 1/2 to 1/4 the time over typing. Speech recognition software greatly enhances your PM system.  One of the chief complaints from all electronic medical record users is the lost productivity due to slow data entry. Speech recognition can greatly cut down the time it takes to navigate and enter data.

Digital recorders offer a safety net to veterinarians that find themselves too busy to notate during visits. Digital recorders offer the perfect solution when a practitioner may find themselves busy during exams, while in the field or during surgeries when their hands are occupied. By leveraging the integrated auto transcribing features a veterinarians will never miss important details while speeding the time it takes to convert their assessments into digital format.

Hundreds of veterinarians have signed up and are using this system with amazing results. If we had to say one reason why? Flexibility! 

  • Easy to use with our rapid on boarding & coaching session - You will be dictating in 1 hr
  • Easy payment - no large up front costs means you get to pay as you go, while saving time and money daily!
  • Use a variety of microphone options such as the industry standard PowerMic, USB headsets to the wildly popular FREE iPhone mic app
  • Experienced support staff available via Phone, Chat or email to help you along the way!

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Take less than 5 minutes and watch the video above. We can create this same note in less than 90 seconds compared to typing which takes 6 to 8 minutes.

  • Patient visit
  • To busy to notate throughout the day
  • End of day, doctor records by hand writing or typing
  • Patient visit
  • Doctor records notes directly into PM software
  • or into a dictation recording device.
  • Patient file is updated in real-time once recording auto transcribed

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