Talkingvet introduces their new Java cloud based speech and dictation solution. The flexible, easy to deploy solution offers many of the same great features as Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 with an affordable pay as you go option. 

Each product offers the same great quality and speed you would expect while our Cloud solution give you the option to you to use your iPhone as a high quality mobile microphone. Each product requires a similar on-boarding and training session. 

Buy or Subscribe? DMPE2
Talkingvet Cloud
Side by side features      
Product Name Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2  Talkingvet Cloud 
Dictate Direct into Practice Software
Create navigation commands
Dynamic templates for normal / abnormal
Built in mobile dictation Additional Solution Available
Windows or Mac NO - Mac Version Available
Requires Software installation
Multiple input devices
30 day Trial available
Supplemental Veterinary Vocabulary
 Recommended on boarding and training
 * Pilot / Trial requires on boarding & training 

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