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Another Talkingvet advocate "....the functionality of Dragon Medical has far exceeded my initial expectations. Like most everyone, I've used voice recognition software before (on my phone and in my car) and have been disappointed with the results ("no...please don't cal...Read More

Susanne, DVM

Hi Paul, I talked with someone in the IT dept. a few weeks ago, he said my name had been forwarded to him as a dragon user. I explained that I enjoyed using Dragon and I knew it was making a positive impact on my medical record keeping. It would definitely make my life ...Read More

John, DVM - AVImArk user

Great product. it saves time. I would highly recommend it to any medical professional.

Job Timeny, DPM
Elite Foot & Ankle Specialists

From: Jennifer, DVM -  Subject: Dragon software testimonial  I invested in the Dragon medical speech recognition several months ago, hoping it would save time charting patients as we transition to a paper-light practice. I have been really impressed with the software. T...Read More


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