TalkingVet Releases a Website Dedicated to Medical Voice Recognition Showing How Veterinarians Can Dramatically Improve Their Efficiency and Profits

Veterinarians who use TalkingVet with Dragon’s Medical Practice Edition 2 confirm savings of up to 90 minutes a day.

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Naples, FL (PRWEB) August 16, 2014

TalkingVet, a division of Business Technology Insight LLC, (see video at provides and trains veterinarians to use voice recognition software that combines easily with major practice management systems and which:

  • Creates voice generated written text four to five times faster than manual typing, with 99% accuracy.
  • Allows most navigation functions to be completed using simple voice commands.
  • Includes a vast database of animal specific vocabularies and terms.
  • Ensures that the veterinarian’s notes are comprehensive providing legal protection in the event of any disciplinary actions.
  • Is compatible with all major veterinary EMR systems including: Cornerstone®, ImproMed®, Infinity, VIA™, VETport, AVImark® and IntraVet.
  • Has the full technical support of Talking Vet and Business Technology Insight, starting with the initial review of the individual veterinarian’s requirements.

Voice recognition technology today is so advanced it can easily recognize accents, medical terminologies and procedures with amazing accuracy, and it saves veterinarians time, time to use to spend with the patients or simply to see more of them a day – a potential increase in profits out of all proportion to the cost of the systems.

Paul Messino, President of Business Technology Insight, puts the case for voice recognition systems succinctly, “Choosing to type manually rather than using voice recognition is much like choosing to communicate with snail mail rather than email - it’s possible but not very efficient!”

For details, go to, e-mail Paul Messino at paulm(at)talkingvet(dot)com, or call at 877-776-1276

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